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Individual Weakness Analysis
Individual Weakness Analysis

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Best for people who:
-Want precise weakness analysis
-Want to eliminate trial-and-error
-Like detailed training recommendations based on video analysis.

Weaknesses hold back your results. It's as simple as that. So how much stronger could you be if you could truly attack your weaknesses?

We provide an answer to that question in classic RTS fashion with a powerful blend of elite lifting experience and innovative use of technology. IWA is a service that can set your lifting back on the right track.

I thought my weakness was at the lockout. I had no idea I was actually weakest at the bottom. The change in training has made a huge impact on my progress!
-- Trial user of the IWA service

Want to see a demo IWA Report? Click here! Imagine what you could do with this kind of information! If you would like to know how to make your training more effective but still want to handle most of your own programming this is for you! And it works equally well with raw or equipped lifts!

What's in the report?
-- Screen shot of the starting position (helps determine optimal technique)
-- Screen shot of your weakest point (see exactly where you are weakest)
-- graphs of your force curve
-- graphs of your velocity curve
-- technique recommendations based on your individual leverages
-- Analytical information on your force curve
-- Weakest point force curve shape (flat wedge etc) listing of weak muscle groups
-- Exercise recommendations based on your weaknesses
-- Loading (reps and RPE's) recommendations based on your weaknesses

If you want to take your training to the next level accomplish the following steps:

1) Buy the package that you want from the store. This one is pretty simple. We offer several packages -- pick the one that best suits your needs.

2) When your payment completes, reply to that email (Mike@ReactiveTrainingSystems.com) and attach your videos. If your videos are too big to email then use a file transfer service. I recommend www.TransferBigFiles.com. **We cannot analyze YouTube videos! We need the actual video file.**

Note regarding videos: We will try to process any video that you have paid to get analyzed but the quality of the information is much better if the video quality is good. Here are some points to consider:

  • The video camera needs to be still! A tiny bit of movement is okay but if the camera is bouncing around we can't really track the movement of the bar very well. The more still the camera the better!
  • Use good lighting if possible. We can analyze some pretty dark videos but quality is better with good lighting.
  • Use the highest resolution that you can. Clearer pictures are more accurate.
  • Make sure the bar is completely visible from start to finish.
  • The closer the lift is to a 1RM the more relevant the data will be. We can use multi-rep sets (by analyzing the last rep) but keep in mind the closer to a 1RM you can get without missing the better.
  • Any angle will work but about half way between a front angle and a side angle seems to be best. See the links below for examples of good angles to film from.

3) After you send in your videos we will take care of the rest! Please allow about 5-10 business days for your lifts to process fully. We take your training seriously and do not rush the process at the expense of quality! If you purchased a consultation as well you will receive an email to discuss possible consultation dates and times.

So it's really as easy as 1) buy it 2) send in your videos and 3) get your results! Get your training supercharged with the combination of experience and technology today!

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