Training Skills Course

Training Skills Course

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Want to actually LEARN about strength and not just be told what to do?  Have questions about what's the best way to train? 

We often tell lifters to become students of the sport -- to learn all they can and get better at every aspect. Now through RTS Classroom, you can learn all the strength-producing details of the Emerging Strategies method popularized by the company that brought you RPE training. RTS Classroom is designed to help you do that. Whether you're a coach, a trainer, or just a lifter who wants to get better at coaching yourself, joining RTS Classroom is going to make you so much better at the things you do.

This course teaches you some valuable skills to guide your lifting to the next level.

  • Attacking your technical game with the Self Organizing Technique that aims to find your optimal approach to each lift
  • How to analyze and correct a lifts weaknesses with various methods
  • Exercises that target your weakness to reduce its limit on your ability to display your strength potential 
  • Protocols used to increase your ability to attack any weakness
During this course there will be 4 modules comprising of various lessons on those topics: 
  • Module 1: Technical Mastery
  • Module 2: Weakness Analysis and Correction
  • Module 3: Exercises
  • Module 4: Protocols

 Module 1: Fundamental Concepts

  • Technical Mastery part 1
  • Technical Mastery part 2

Module 2: Weakness Analysis & Correction

  • Weakness Analysis
  • Weakness Correction
  • Fixing back positioning in the deadlift
  • Improving bench press bar path

Module 3: Exercises

  • Paused variations
  • Pin variations
  • Bands and Chains
  • Eccentric Training
  • Extended ROM
Module 4: Protocols
  • x1 @8
  • Cluster Sets
  • Myo Reps