Isabella Von Weissenberg

Isabella Von Weissenberg


  • Autoregulated Training Programs
  • Mental Skills Training


After she began powerlifting in 2013, Isabella quickly rose to international level.
She made her debut on the Swedish National team in 2015, earning a bronze
medal overall at the Classic World Championships and a European record in the
squat. Today she is the current and seven-time IPF raw world record holder
in the squat in the -72kg category, the European record holder with a 512.5kg
total and 500+ Wilks, twofold European champion and a three time World
Championship medalist. In 2017 she was voted IPF Female Lifter of the Year and
in 2018 she became the lightest woman in the IPF to squat 200kg in sleeves.

While Isabella was making her presence felt as a fierce competitor in the
International Powerlifting Federation, she was also developing the foundation of
her coaching skills. Over the years, she has coached lifters both online and one on
one in a variety of formats, as well as handled competitors at both Swedish and
US National Championships. For the past two years, she has held powerlifting
seminars all over the world and lectured on Mindset and the psychological
aspects of lifting, presenting at events such as the European Powerlifting
Conference 2018 in Dublin and The Global Strength Summit 2019 in Dubai.
Much of her coaching style is built upon the psychological education she gained
from social work studies between 2015 and 2018 at Gothenburg University.
Isabella believes that to effectively help clients reach their goals, motivation and
mental challenges must be understood and taken into account with equal respect
as the physical preparations. The unique experiences of a fast rise to international
success, formal education, and practical client work, has given her a solid
understanding for the mental rigors that go along with competition at any level.
Her ability to listen to athletes, empathize, and challenge them when necessary is
one of many major tools to helps lifters achieve their potential on the platform.