Jim Elli

Jim Elli


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Jim has been working with powerlifters for the last 6 years of his life. After realizing engineering wasn't his path in university, he invested everything into becoming the best powerlifting coach he could be. In 2015 he began working with Reactive Training Systems to further his development and expand his abilities as a coach. 

Jim's ability to empathize with his lifters is what makes his coaching style unique, like the other wonderful coaches at RTS - he's there not to be the captain of the ship, but to be the best navigator he can to get you where you want to be.

In the last year, he's traveled to 19 different countries giving seminars and working one on one with powerlifters around the world to better understand the intricacies of athletes and to better his abilities working with athletes online. Jim's passion is to find the specific variables that affect your progress the most and determining the best ways to control for and/or take advantage of them to optimize your abilities as an athlete. 

There are a million other activities and sports that you could have took part in. However, there is something about the sport of powerlifting that brought you here. 

Why? If you know this - that's great you're in the right spot. If not, Jim will help you find this and bring more meaning to this shared passion for this sport.