Classroom Emerging Strategies (Entire Series)

Classroom Emerging Strategies (Entire Series)

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Please note this product is a pre-pay for the entire Emerging Strategies course (normally taken for 15 months but now offered to you on-demand). 

 Want to actually LEARN about strength and not just be told what to do?  Have questions about what's the best way to train? 

We often tell lifters to become students of the sport -- to learn all they can and get better at every aspect. Now through RTS Classroom, you can learn all the strength-producing details of the Emerging Strategies method popularized by the company that brought you RPE training. RTS Classroom is designed to help you do that. Whether you're a coach, a trainer, or just a lifter who wants to get better at coaching yourself, joining RTS Classroom is going to make you so much better at the things you do.

This course teaches you the fundamentals on how to create training ‘from the ground up’ in an individualized Emerging Strategies fashion. Over the course of 5 classes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the problems with traditional Periodization and how Emerging Strategies attempts to solve those problems.
  • Analyze and monitor athlete response to training including the use of ‘Stress Index’ measurement. 
  • Provide weakness analysis and correction including improving weak Range of Motion in each of the competition lifts. 
  • Use strategies and tools to help athletes benchmark their progress, improve hypertrophy, and utilize novel movement variations to target weak Range of Motion improvements. 
  • Write development, pivot, and maintenance cycles in order to peak you or your athletes for competition. 
During this course you’ll take the following classes: 
  1. Emerging Strategies Framework 
  2. Emerging Strategies Tactics 
  3. Emerging Strategies Practical 
  4. Emerging Strategies Toolbox 
  5. Emerging Strategies Case Studies

The lessons will be in the form of videos recorded for your class and distributed according to a schedule (usually 1 per week).

Emerging Strategies Framework

This is the recommended first level of RTS Classroom. In this class, you will learn about training fundamentals. You’ll learn about how to diagnose weaknesses and select proper exercises. You’ll learn to construct customized templates and apply autoregulatory concepts to training. Even if you know nothing about higher levels of periodization, this course will improve your ability to write training, coach, and develop lifters.

 Lesson Plan:

  1. Stress Index Fundamentals
  2. Athlete Monitoring
  3. Problems with Periodization / A Case for Emerging Strategies
  4. Emerging Strategies Framework
  5. Development Cycles
  6. Pivot Cycles
  7. Maintenance Cycles
  8. Peaking for Competition
  9. Long term Planning / Understanding Block Reviews
  10. Optimizing the 2nd levels (Pivots, block sequences, it’s a lot more of a by-feel thing than a distinct, logical process)

 Emerging Strategies Tactics

 This is the second class in the course of Emerging Strategies. In this course, you can expect to learn: 

  • How to develop technical mastery. 
  • Learn how to analyze the lift for weakness and methods to correct that. 
  • Emerging Strategies and hypertrophy training. 
  • Breaking down the stress index into central and peripheral stress components. 
  • Frequency strategies and how frequency impacts Emerging Strategies. 
  • Pivot block design and concepts.

Lesson Plan 

  1. Technical Mastery pt 1 
  2. Technical Master pt 2 
  3. Weakness Analysis 
  4. Weakness Correction 
  5. Stress Index pt 2 (Central/Peripheral) 
  6. Pivot Tactics (5 Goals of a Pivot Block) 
  7. Hypertrophy Training 
  8. 2x Frequency 
  9. 1/2x Frequency

Emerging Strategies Practical 

This is the third class in the course of Emerging Strategies. In this class, you’ll learn practical examples of strategies developed here at RTS including: 

  • Strategies for 1x and 2x microcycles. 
  • Strategies for Equipped lifting. 
  • Tapering Strategies. 
  • Strategies to improve rate of force development. 
  • Strategies to improve technical proficiency. 
  • Strategies designed to increase hypertrophy. 

Lesson Plan 

  1. Roses & Thorns 
  2. 2x Frequency Strategies 
  3. Fortress 
  4. Outpost 
  5. Wolfhound 
  6. Pivot Strategies 
  7. Taper Strategies 
  8. Gopher 
  9. Rooks 
  10. Unlimited 
  11. Orc

Emerging Strategies Toolbox 

This is the fourth class in the course of Emerging Strategies. In this course, you’ll learn practical examples of strategies developed here at RTS including:

  • Strategies for helping athletes benchmark their e1RM. 
  • Strategies for weak Range of Motion improvement. 
  • Strategies for improving the bench press bar path. 
  • Strategies for converting to flat back deadlifting. 
  • Strategies to use pin variations and bands/chains. 
  • Tools designed for hypertrophy training.

Lesson Plan 

  1. x1 @8RPE 
  2. Pause Variations 
  3. Improving bench bar path 
  4. Converting to flat back deadlifts 
  5. Pin Variations 
  6. Bands and Chains 
  7. Eccentric Training 
  8. Cluster Training 
  9. Myo Reps 
  10. Partial ROM

Emerging Strategies Case Studies

This is the fifth and final class in the course of Emerging Strategies. This course is built entirely upon real-world examples of problems solved using Emerging Strategies with REAL RTS Athletes. This course teaches you how to apply the concepts and strategies from your previous courses of Emerging Strategies. Think of it as the culmination of your learning. You’ll receive a total of 10 lessons from RTS Coaches Mike Tuchscherer, Ross Leppala, Jim Elli, Isabella von Weissenberg, and John Garafano on practical case studies with our athletes. You’ll also get a lesson from Mike Tuchscherer on Data Analysis.

Why should I subscribe? This information has been collected and sorted over careers. These presentations will not be available anywhere else online. And in some cases, the information may not be available anywhere else at all. This is probably the fastest way to accelerate your strength education and stay up to date on the latest thinking in strength training.

Who are these classes for? The classes will be designed primarily for athletes who are writing their own training plans (self-coached) and for people coaching other athletes. But anyone who wants to learn more about strength training is welcome!

What features are included? When you subscribe, you’ll get access to download all the videos that you’re subscribed for.