ES Pre-Pay Practical thru Case Studies

ES Pre-Pay Practical thru Case Studies

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This product is for customers prior to April 2021 that were enrolled in the 15-month Emerging Strategies Course. 

Starting at the end of April/Beginning of May 2021, the entire Emerging Strategies series is being reimagined into a new digital download product and with that, the price will increase. 

We understand that you were looking forward to completing your education. That's why we are offering you $200 off if you pre-pay for the rest of the series. We are also allowing you to consume the classes on-demand when it suits you best. As part of this pre-pay package, you'll get access to the rest of the ES series including:

  1. Emerging Strategies Practical 
  2. Emerging Strategies Toolbox 
  3. Emerging Strategies Case Studies

Please note that classroom discussions will be removed from this product and all lessons will be sent to you via Classroom Central. You'll then be able to watch the videos when it is convenient for you. No more waiting for the weekly videos to be sent to you. You can consume the lessons and apply the content to you and your clients immediately.

RTS will also be launching a new membership-only community. More details will be shared with you when they are available as you'll be getting first access to this community prior to it being opened to the general public. 


Here are the remaining lessons you'll get access to upon purchase (please allow 48 business hours to fulfill your order):

Emerging Strategies Practical

  1. Roses & Thorns 
  2. 2x Frequency Strategies 
  3. Fortress 
  4. Outpost 
  5. Wolfhound 
  6. Pivot Strategies 
  7. Taper Strategies 
  8. Gopher 
  9. Rooks 
  10. Unlimited 
  11. Orc

Emerging Strategies Toolbox

 Lesson Plan

  1. x1 @8RPE 
  2. Pause Variations 
  3. Improving bench bar path 
  4. Converting to flat back deadlifts 
  5. Pin Variations 
  6. Bands and Chains 
  7. Eccentric Training 
  8. Cluster Training 
  9. Myo Reps 
  10. Partial ROM

Emerging Strategies Case Studies

This is the fifth and final class in the course of Emerging Strategies. This course is built entirely upon real-world examples of problems solved using Emerging Strategies with REAL RTS Athletes. This course teaches you how to apply the concepts and strategies from your previous courses of Emerging Strategies. Think of it as the culmination of your learning. You’ll receive a total of 10 lessons from RTS Coaches Mike Tuchscherer, Ross Leppala, Jim Elli, Isabella von Weissenberg, and John Garafano on practical case studies with our athletes. You’ll also get a bonus lesson from Mike Tuchscherer on Data Analysis.

Please allow 48 business hours for your lessons to be sent to your 'Classroom Central' section of your RTS account.


For questions about our return policy, please see this page.