Personality Types and Training: Help us Figure it Out

Personality types and Training:  Help us Figure it Out
By Mike Tuchscherer, 12 September 2017
Attention Powerlifters: Help me start to answer how personality affects training. There is a survey linked below. It will take about 20min to complete. In it you’ll find out about your personality as well as help us gain some knowledge about the training you find most effective.
I've been talking and thinking about personality in training more and more lately. I hope to find some sort of link between various Big 5 personality dimensions and certain training parameters (volume, intensity, variety, stress, and more).  It would be extremely useful for coaches to know at the outset of training whether an athlete was well suited (or not) for RPE based training, needed (or didn’t) exposure to high intensity training, what their stress tolerance is, and more.  Analyzing personality may help us to figure that out so we can all start with better training programs.
If you can spare the time, please take the survey. You'll learn more about yourself right away. And you'll also be contributing to better training for yourself and the powerlifting community as a whole. I'll publish findings as soon as we've collected enough data and processed it. Please feel free to share this as widely as you can.
Link to the survey.

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About the Author
Mike Tuchscherer is the owner and head coach at RTS. He has been powerlifting since 2001 and since has traveled all over the world for competitions. In 2009, he was the first man from USA powerlifting to win a gold medal at the World Games – the highest possible achievement in powerlifting. He has coached over a dozen competitors at the world championships, a score of national champions, and multiple world record holders.