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About Reactive Training Systems
Reactive Training Systems is all about individualized physical training. You won't find cookie-cutter programs here! That's because we know each person responds differently to training. This is due to a myriad of factors that should be accounted for. Reactive Training Systems is all about helping you do just that -- account for your individual differences and use that knowledge to maximize your training results. The goal: to have the best gains of your life and become a dominant force in your sport. Whether you use the information and media of this site to build your own training... Whether you hire RTS originator and founder Mike Tuchscherer to custom-build your training... Whether you use some of the champion-building supplements found on this site... Or make use of any of the other RTS products...
You'll know its RTS because it makes an impact! .
About Mike Tuchscherer
Mike Tuchscherer is the founder of Reactive Training Systems. He began Powerlifting in 1997 and has been studying athletic training ever since. As for his own achievements, he quickly became a State record holder in Indiana and Kentucky when he was still a Sophomore in High School. He continued to develop his talent and ability throughout his college career and into the Open division. Currently, Mike has won 4 USA Powerlifting National Championships, has won IPF Junior Worlds, placed 2nd at IPF Senior Worlds at his first ever senior world contest, and has many American and National records to show for his efforts. At the 2009 World Games, an international, ultra-prestigeous event organized by the International Olympic Committee, Mike became the first American male in history to win the Gold medal for Powerlifting. But Mike is not just a talented Powerlifter -- he has studied sports training to an extensive degree. With a mind sharpened at the prestigeous US Air Force Academy, Mike is highly capable of reading, understanding, and assimilating complex theories and concepts into training that makes sense to the lifter. Mike began developing RTS as a system of customized training while he was the "Cadet-In-Charge" of the Powerlifting team at the Air Force Academy. While there, he also interned with the Strength and Conditioning staff. Even now, Mike continues to hone his processes and assimilate more and more up-to-date information. He has wide-ranging training experience having worked primarily with Powerlifters, but also in no small measure he has worked with Olympic Weightlifters, Strongman competitors, Bodybuilders, Football players, Throwers, Sprinters, and general fitness enthusiasts. Mike has the book smarts and the real-world experience to help you become a champion! Mike's resume as an athlete and coach is first-class and those who trust their training to him are happy they did!
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