12 Week RTS HIGH-Frequency Meet Peak Template

12 Week RTS HIGH-Frequency Meet Peak Template

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12 Week RTS Meet Peak Template:

RTS's most economical solution for progressing your strength to new levels. Designed by the RTS coaching staff this 12 week meet peaking template adapts with you as you gain strength and peak for the meet.  This template is designed on a 4x training week.  Did you say adapt with me as I progress?

ADAPTIVE Template:
-Have the template loaded into your RTS training log at NO additional cost and the template will evolve to you.
-Exercises will adjust based on your available equipment!
-Target weights will be provided based on the data you enter in the training log for each training session.
-Our TRAC system will help you adjust the training volume based on your specific recovery abilities!
-Exercises that you are not physically able to perform can be blacklisted and substituted to fit your abilities.

All templates will come with a PDF for you to use as you wish. Please allow us 48 hours to process those orders and get your PDF to you. If you would like to take advantage of that program's adaptive ability, then we'll need you to complete the following steps. This process may require some back and forth communications between you and our operations staff. Please allow for a few days after the order for this process to take place prior to your template being loaded into your training log.

1. Complete the purchase of this Adaptive Template!
2. Sign up for a FREE RTS Training log account here: https://www.reactivetrainingsystems.com/Authentication/LoginPage

3. Complete the Athlete Profile in the training log account.
Two things to note here. First, if you have a power rack then you also have squat stands. Second, "belt squat" is the squat where you have weight suspended from a belt around your waist. It is not a barbell squat version.
4. In the order notes, provide us with the date you would like the program to start.
5. In the order notes, provide us with your preferred deadlift stance; conventional or sumo.
6. Execute the training!

Lifters we recommend this template for:
Serious lifters with some training and meet-day experience.

Template Overview:

The competition exercises are performed twice a week.  On the first exposure, they are benchmarked with a top single at an 8 RPE.  This is considered a little heavier than an opener.  This top single will determine the strength of the lifter on that day to account for fluctuations and adaptations.  Volume work is % based work as determined from the Estimated 1 Rep Max (E1RM).  The E1RM is determined from the RPE/% conversion of the top single.  As the weeks progress, the intensity will increase while volume decreases as things culminate with a traditional taper leading into the meet.  

On the second exposure, they are progressed using ramp uploading protocols.  Volume with increase and intensity will increase within each phase.  There are 3 total phases within the 12 total weeks.  A de-load week is used between each phase.  Phase 1 using ramp-up sets of 5, phase 2 ramp-up sets of 4 and the final and third phase is ramp-up sets of 3.

Accessory exercises are special exercises that have a similar ROM as the competition exercises.  These exercises are used to help address the weak ROM of the competition exercises.  The loading protocols for these will vary from ramp-up sets to singles with the back of load drop sets.  All the work will have a high-intensity theme and RPE associated with them to challenge those weak ROMs.  In this template, only the bench press has an accessory exercise. 

Supplemental exercises are exercises that aim to target weak muscle groups that have a significantly different ROM than the competition exercise.   Loading protocols for these exercises are all based on a ramp-up method towards an 8 or 9 RPE.  Higher rep sets (10-12 range) are used in these slots to help with hypertrophy benefits as well as the risk reduction of intensity associated with these types of exercises.

Templates are a great way to get solid programming concepts into your training for a low cost. RTS's Adaptive Templates go further by leveraging our online systems to get you a template that fits your unique response to a training program. Sign up today!