RTS Manual

RTS Manual

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Best for people who:
-Want to understand RTS
-Learn best by reading
-Want a jump start to Auto-Regulated training (i.e. listening to your body)


This is Mike Tuchscherer's instruction manual for the Reactive Training System. This manual provides the user with a framework to customize their training like never before. Trial and Error is reduced dramatically as the reader is taught new methods that allow him to listen to his body while making dramatic progress. This manual is especially for the intermediate-level Powerlifter that is trying to come to an advanced level.

The book includes a CD containing spreadsheets and additional tools to help the user program and execute their own training plans!

You will also get access to the digital copy of this book.  If you don't have the ability to view a CD, the spreadsheets are in that digital delivery system.

Table of Content



  1. Basic Template
  2. RPEs
  3. Fatigue Stops
  4. Tracking Your Training
  5. The Transition Block and Cycle Planning
  6. Alternate Means and Methods
  7. RTS Necessity
  8. Unidirectional Loading
  9. Frequency/Fatigue Management
  10. Stress Management
  11. Fatigue Percents Part One
  12. Fatigue Percents Part Two
  13. Programming Your Training Cycle
  14. Goal Setting PRs and Progress
  15. Extra Workouts
  16. Conclusion
  17. Glossary

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