Equipped Powerlifting: Thriving in Single Ply

Equipped Powerlifting: Thriving in Single Ply

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Want to actually LEARN about strength and not just be told what to do?  Have questions about what's the best way to train? 

Thriving in Single-Ply will provide you with all the tools to learn, improve, and prepare you for equipped powerlifting. Whether you are a coach or athlete, new or experienced, thriving in single-ply will teach you important training skills to become a better lifter and coach. This course is an accumulation of my over a decade in equipped lifting as a coach, World Team athlete, and international referee to provide you with all the right information.

Thriving in Single-Ply covers the history of the sport, terminology, how to fit equipment, how to modify your own equipment, how to wear the equipment properly, training recommendations for each lift and targeted accessories, how to use knee wraps, and how to tweak your gear for maximum results. You will also learn programming recommendations and how to optimize meet-day conditions from timing your knee wraps to attempt selection. After this course, you will have everything you need to be an equipped powerlifter.

You will walk away with a well-rounded understanding of Single-ply powerlifting and will be prepared to handle yourself or your athletes in single-ply powerlifting!

During this course there will be three modules  comprising of  eight various lessons on those topics: 
  • Module 1: Equipment 101
  • Module 2: Using the Equipment
  • Module 3: Advanced Progress

 Module 1: Equipment 101

  • History of Equipped Lifting
  • Sizing and Modifications

Module 2: Using the Equipment

  • Equipped Squatting
  • Equipped Benching
  • Equipped Deadlifting
  • Knee Wraps

Module 3: Advanced Progress

  • Programming
  • Meet Day & FAQ