Nutrition Course Bundle

Nutrition Course Bundle

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Want to actually LEARN about strength and not just be told what to do?  Have questions about what's the best way to train? 

Nutrition Cour Bundle includes both the Nutrition Fundamentals course and the Coaching Performance Nutrition Course.  

Nutrition Fundamentals will provide you with all the tools to learn, improve, and apply sound nutritional principles to your training. This course will prepare you with the basic knowledge of how to organize your nutritional considerations to maximize your performance output.  Including what to do when you are getting close to meet day and have those final few kilos to cut to make a specific weight class.  

Coaching Performance Nutrition course is intended to help teach you how to coach your lifters with their nutrition.  Empowering you to be a well-rounded coach to handle all of your lifting client's needs.  Whether they are working to fill out a weight class, drop to a lighter weight class, or get ready for a final meet cut, this course covers all of that and then some.

These courses are taught by Dr. Kristin Lander, a certified sports nutritionist.  With over a decade of experience working with athletes and their nutrition, Kristin has a plethora of knowledge to help guide lifters to develop their own individualized nutritional needs.  

You will walk away with a well-rounded understanding of nutrition and how it works in the world of performance and powerlifting!

During this course there will be four sections  comprising of twenty-six lectures on those topics: 

Nutrition Fundamentals Course Outline:

  • Nutrition Basics
  • Advanced Nutrition
  • Weight Manipulation
  • Meet Considerations

 Nutrition Basics

  • What is Performance Nutrition
  • The Psychology of Eating
  • Nutrition Myths
  • Nutrition Basics

Advanced Nutrition

  • Key Nutrition Specifics for Strength Athletes
  • Determining your Daily Caloric Need
  • Timing of Macros & Food Intake

Weight Manipulation

  • How to Track Your Macros
  • Manipulating Calories and Macros for Weight Loss
  • Manipulating Calories and Macros for Weight Gain

Meet Considerations

  • Short Term Changes to Body Weight to make Weight for a Meet
  • Meet Day Nutrition

Coaching Performance Nutrition Course Outline:

  • The Art of Your Coaching
  • The Art of Coaching Your Client
  • Determining and Managing Caloric Intake and Macros
  • Manipulating Bodyweight - Long Term and Short Term

 The Art of Your Coaching

  • What is Performance Nutrition
  • Determining your Level of Comfort and Niche as a Coach
  • Staying in your lane

The Art of Coaching Your Client

  • What Psychological and Factors may your Client Face that makes Meeting their Nutrition Goals Challenging vs Easier
  • Manage Client-Coach Expectations
  • The Intake Process
  • Determining a Clients Readiness for their Goal

Determining and Managing Caloric Intake and Macros

  • Determining Calories and Macros for Clients
  • Monitoring Athlete Success

Manipulating Bodyweight - Long Term and Short Term

  • Cutting and Bulking Cycles Vs. Maintenance
  • The Weight Loss Athlete
  • Creating a Short-term Weight Cutting Plan for a Meet
  • Intentional Caloric Surplus
  • Moving Beyond Macros