Adam Jones


  • Powerlifting
  • Individualization
  • Autoregulated Training Programs
  • General Physical Preparedness
  • Fatigue management


Adam is passionate about Powerlifting, both as a Coach and as an Athlete. Adam has been coaching since 2013 and has been involved in powerlifting since 2014. He has represented both Australia and Singapore at IPF Worlds in the 83kg opens weight class. Adam has also been a part of the coaching team at each IPF World’s appearance ranging from assistant coach to head coach.

Adam has been lifting weights for over 10 years; his background was strength and GPP training before he started powerlifting which has given him some unique skills when implementing GPP training for Powerlifting.

Before Adam started pursuing his career as a coach he worked for over 10 years in the Mining and Construction Industry. Through this experience, Adam worked long hours with shift work and this process has taught him ways to manage fatigue and structure appropriate training to a tough schedule. These experiences have helped Adam develop effective training strategies for athletes in similar situations.

Adams philosophy on coaching:

“Coaching is more than just writing a program; it’s being a leader who creates relationships with their athletes whilst having the ability to be creative. I believe a coach must have the ability to react and adapt to the athlete’s situation and needs and have the ability to use creative problem solving when needed and make their system suit the athlete and not the other way around. The relationship with the athletes must involve good communication, trust, accountability, empathy, and transparency. These attributes will enhance the coaching experience and bring more value to the athlete. In my opinion, without the above, coaching will be more meaningless and programming will be more generic. As a Coach, I like to have a “white belt mentality” and always strive to up my abilities and learn.”