Paulie Steinman

Paulie Steinman


  • Powerlifting
  • Equipped Powerlifting
  • Autoregulated Training


Paulie Steinman is a powerlifting coach and educator. he has been an assistant coach at Reactive Training Systems since 2015.

Paulie is equally comfortable working with novices to internationally ranked powerlifters; raw and equipped. Paulie is also very active in USA Powerlifting. He is a certified USA Powerlifting Senior International Coach, Head Coach for the 2016-2021 Masters Raw National Team, and an IPF Category II referee.

He is an experienced meet director from Brooklyn, NY where he owns and operates the South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club (SBWC).

Paulie currently serves as a member of the USA Powerlifting Executive Committee, Regional Committee Chair, and New York State Co-Chair. He is also one of a handful of instructors for the USA Powerlifting coaching clinics.