Peter Lucey

Peter Lucey

  • RTS Coach
  • Head Coach Thailand National Powerlifting Team
  • IPF International Coaching License Level 2


  • Powerlifting
  • Game Day Strategy
  • Autoregulating Training Programs


Peter is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand and has been the head coach for the National Team since 2018. He has worked with a diverse range of athletes from Sub Juniors to Masters on a local, regional and international level. He specializes in working with Powerlifters and in helping them to develop as lifters, and progress towards achieving their specific goals. Peter has worked with lifters of all levels, from beginners to international medallists at the IPF World Championships.

Peter is also the course instructor for the TPF Powerlifting coaching certification program and also has experience in the capacity of being a referee and official/meet director. He has a passion for training, travel, and continuous professional development.

Peter comes from Ireland and is the co-owner/founder of the Cork Strength and Performance Center. He has been living abroad for 5 years and has had the opportunity to visit many countries for competitions, workshops, etc. He believes that fostering a strong and positive coach/athlete relationship is very important and enjoys working closely with his athletes in the pursuit of their goals.