Ross Leppala

Ross Leppala


  • Powerlifting
  • Autoregulating Training Programs
  • Mental Training & Mindfulness


Ross came on board with RTS full time as a coach and the operations manager in September 2017. Prior to that, he was a professional civil/structural engineer for 12 years in the state of Alaska. 

In 2012, Ross began coaching clients, applying his engineering knowledge of force production and transfer to developing powerlifting programs. While the systems of static structures are considerably different to that of dynamic structures, the applications of physics remain much the same. His unique approach to coaching doesn't stop there.

Ross' coaching experience has brought him many places to work with lifters of varying capacities. Ross has experience working with everyone from state level lifters to IPF and WPC world champions.

Ross believes while physical preparations for training are paramount to a lifter's success, he has found that working on the mental game with lifters is just as important as time spent in the gym.

Having been in the weight room since he was 12, he's worked with many different coaches across varying sport disciplines that have influenced his approach to coaching. From a multi-sport high school athlete, a collegiate football player, and now a nationally competitive 83kg powerlifter, mental training for powerlifting is an aspect of his coaching he is extremely passionate about.