Business Side of Coaching

Business Side of Coaching

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Do you struggle with how to run your business?  Accounting and tax preparations can be overwhelming for many, but it doesn't have to be.

The Business side of Coaching is a course designed specifically with powerlifting coaches in mind to help them navigate the various accounting and tax demands of running a coaching business.

This course is taught by Shamal Asnani, a professional CPA who works with many coaches in the industry. You will walk away with a well-rounded understanding of how to run your coaching business.  Setting up the infrastructure, accounting, financing, and taxes are covered in great detail.

During this course there will be four sections  comprising fifteen lectures on these topics: 
  • Business Infrastructure
  • Accounting Needs
  • Tax Planning
  • Hire Help

Business Infrastrucutre

  • Setting up a business entity
  • The different ID numbers for your business
  • Assigning accounts to your business

Accounting Needs

  • Software
  • Basic Accounting
  • Financial Statements

Tax Planning

  • Understanding the workflow of tax planning
  • How the different business structures are taxed
  • The Tax-calender for your business
  • Tax reduction and tax-efficient strategies for coaches
  • Misc. Tax considerations

Hire Help

  • When to hire help