Foundations of Programming
Foundations of Programming
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Foundations of Programming

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Foundations of Programming - your platform for learning the core concepts on which all programming is built!  In this educational offering, the RTS coaching staff will guide you toward learning about the basic building blocks of effective powerlifting programming.  

Why choose this course?

  • Structured learning.  This course is built in a way that starts with the basics and expands along the way.  Bridging the gap between concept and application so you can begin using what you learn right away.
  • Expert Instruction.  The collective coaching experience of the RTS staff is extensive.  We've coached countless lifters along the way from small local-level meets to world record holders.  Our coaches also actively compete as well.  We're in the trenches with you!
  • Getting the Basics.  There are a TON of ways and methods in which training can be designed.  Starting with the basic building blocks is vital to writing good training.  Just as a building starts at the foundation, so too does good training.
  • Lifetime access.  Not only is the course self-paced, you will have access to the material indefinitely.  Allowing you to revisit any of the material you need to along the way.  

Course Material 

  1. Factors Affecting Strength - Presented by Mike Tuchscherer
  2. Foundational Principles Part 1 - Presented by Ross Leppala
  3. Foundational Principles Part 2 - Presented by Ross Leppala
  4. Basic Concepts - Presented by John Garafano
  5. Protocol Construction - Present by John Garafano
  6. Exercise Classification - Presented by Gaby Miller
  7. Microcycle Design - Presented by Adam Jones
  8. Training Blocks and Sequencing - Presented by Peter Lucey
  9. General Physical Preparedness and Conditioning - Present by Mel Kasper
  10. Durability and Athlete Monitoring - Presented by Kenny Allen
  11. Tapering for Competition - Presented by Peter Lucey

Who this course is for?

  • People who are looking to gain a better understanding of the basic building blocks of effective programming.  
  • Coaches seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of programming.
  • Anyone passionate about writing powerlifting programs

Upon purchase of this product, you'll immediately get access to the course. Lookout for an email that provides you access to our learning platform.