Performance Coaching (non recurring)

Performance Coaching (non recurring)

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Upon ordering this service, you'll be contacted via email with follow up information regarding scheduling with your coach. Please allow up to 48 business hours to receive this email.

When you join the RTS Performance Coaching you get:

-- Custom training program where training strategy, template, exercise selection, etc are all tailored to you.
-- Custom template based on availability preferences lifestyle etc
-- Exercises selected on equipment available
-- Planning done based on goals after a thorough weakness analysis
-- Access to the full range of RTS online tools (training log, TRAC, etc)
-- Support with your coaching staff (yes, staff) via email

-- The cost is $160 per month.

-- Click here to sign up or request more information

So how does it work?
Upon registration, we'll begin the process of gathering info from you. You'll fill out a questionnaire and using that info, we will build a custom training plan tailored to fit your needs, equipment availability, training and injury history, etc. You'll receive each week of training before the start of the training week. Your training log and TRAC data will be monitored by your coaching staff and the training plan will be continually updated to fit your evolving requirements.

If you're wondering how effective the training can be here are some words from real athletes who have been coached directly from RTS:

This cycle have been really great. I´ve had great gains in all my lifts. I´ve also packed on some muscles. Actually way more than I thought I would.

-- Mads Falch Jorgensen

I've really enjoyed the training, have learned a lot and completely changed my thinking about how I train and react to my training. I have set several new PRs and am keen to continue working with RTS.
-- Dr. Chris Gibbons.

[This cycle was] great. Saw some really big strength gains out of the gate. Hit numbers I didn't think were possible.
-- Bryce Krawczyk

9/9 1500total @181 w/o wraps!! Epic day 150 lb meet PR vid coming soon!
-- Mike Garozzo

If you'd like to read more comments from athletes using our training, check our Athlete Comments page!

Do you have questions about what to expect, reach us here